Clackamas Cougars wrestling conquers West Region again

By Clackamas Print / February 17, 2015

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the Clackamas Cougars wrestling team has won the West Region championship. For the second year in a row, and four out of the past five years, the Cougars have conquered the West Region. It’s the team’s second back-to-back championship – the team also won the NWAC National Dual…

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Athlete of the month: Cassidy Edwards

By Jack Spencer / February 10, 2015

Clackamas Community College represents determination, pursuit of greatness and a willingness to learn. After talking with sophomore standout Cassidy Edwards, it was apparent that she embodies what CCC stands for. Edwards, who attended Sister’s High School more than 90 miles away, has been phenomenal for both the basketball and softball teams here at CCC. This…

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Idiot’s guide to a Blazer game

By Zak Laster / February 10, 2015

Have you ever walked around and noticed how many people wear Portland Trail Blazers gear in this city? Or maybe you’ve been flipping through the channels and found yourself watching a game and thought to yourself, “Hmm that looks like a lot of fun, but I bet I’d look like such an idiot not knowing…

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Cougars off to good start, ready for strong finish

By Jack Spencer / February 4, 2015

It’s mid-season, Cougar fans, and excitement is in the air. The men’s and women’s basketball teams are now at the halfway point in Southern League play and the race is on to make it to the tournament. With the men coming in at a record of 5-2 and the women at 3-3, both teams are…

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Athletes from all corners of the country commit to CCC

By Clackamas Print / February 4, 2015

To most students who spend a lot of time in Oregon City, it seems unfathomable for someone to move hundreds — or even thousands — of miles to attend school here at Clackamas Community College. However, of the current winter sports teams, more than half of the players are from out of state. It’s not…

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Through the woods

By Maddy Kays / February 3, 2015

I am an asthmatic, and it would really benefit me to remember that when I agree to participate in physical activity with other people. Of course this didn’t occur to me when I agreed to go hiking in the Columbia River Gorge with some friends on Sunday, Jan. 25. If you, like me, do not…

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Top ranked Cougars fall for first time

By Katie Archer / January 27, 2015

The agony of defeat. This week brings a new lesson for the Cougars as they pick up their first two losses of the season. Prior to Saturday’s dual against second-ranked North Idaho College and NAIA, second-ranked Southern Oregon University, the number one ranked Cougars were 13-0. Clackamas wrestlers faced off with two teams Saturday, Jan.…

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Starving for the Super Bowl: best places to be

By Clackamas Print / January 27, 2015

February is right around the corner, and with that comes everyone’s favorite day. The best of the best get paired together on this day, and we forget all about our other worries and troubles on this special day. I’m talking about the Super Bowl, of course. In the 49th edition of the big game, the…

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Physical education classes can’t compete

By Cassidy Scott / January 20, 2015

With winter registration wrapped up, it is becoming obvious that one-credit PE classes are not filling up the way they used to. “This year has been tough for everybody, not just my classes but a lot of PE classes,” Karon Allen, aerobics teacher, said. “I used to have 50 in a class and then it…

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Cougars ready to pounce on rival Saints

By Jack Spencer / January 20, 2015

With only 16 miles separating the Clackamas Cougars and the Mt. Hood Saints, a buzz surrounds this rivalry game. However, don’t let the short distance fool you; with the game approaching Jan. 28, the bad blood between the schools runs much deeper than geography. “Cage the Cougar,” is a phrase CCC assistant coach Brian Stamme…

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