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By Quincy Higuera

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With the delay in financial aid disbursements following the cyber attack, many students found themselves behind on bills, or short of grocery money. Are there resources available to help in these situations?

The Collaborative Student Resource Team, or CSRT, is a group of employees whose mission is to offer assistance and support to the students at Clackamas Community College. Sometimes expenses and other obstacles arise for students that they may not be in a position to resolve by themselves. This is where the CSRT steps in. 

Instead of having separate departments for individual resources that students have to chase around campus, CSRT members collaborate (hence the name) to make these resources more accessible. The team has had resources available to students on campus for a year now and the team has received over 500 requests in total.

The amount CSRT gives to students depends on multiple factors and eligibility requirements. There is a long list of requirements;a form with 10 questions helps the team understand what each student qualifies for. Students can get Kroger cards, gas cards, and even rental assistance.

The response to the form determines who will offer the type of help students need.

 “CSRT is not its own program, it doesn’t have its own funding source,” said Jennifer Anderson, associate dean of Academics and Connection. “There’s no director or anything like that. It’s essentially folks who have access to different funding sources that are coming together to triage the requests that are coming in. So, they created this one request form that has the same questions that individual programs were asking.” During the week of the cyber attack, the amount of request forms sent to CSRT skyrocketed.

We had over 200 requests just in the first week and a half, ” said Michell Gipson, Budget Coordinator for AFAC. “We were going through all of that and about half of those were eligible for some kind of aid due to the delays. The others were not going to be receiving financial aid, so they were then funneled through our regular CSRT system.” The delay of financial aid disbursements had a huge impact on staff and students, but each team member worked to help students facing adversity.

The CSRT has flyers all around campus. The request forms are available on the CCC website. You can also find members of the team in the Wacheno Welcome Center but to get the process started, you fill out the form on the CCC website.


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