Passing their love for basketball

Jim Martineau, Mia Martineau, Clay Martineau, and PJ Martineau. Photo provided by Jim Martineau.

For the Martineau family, basketball and Clackamas Community College have always been a part of their lives. CCC’s head women’s basketball coach and Director of Health/PE, Jim Martineau, has been married to CCC Academic Advisor PJ Martineau for 27 years. Their two children, Clay Martineau and CCC athlete Mia Martineau, also both play basketball.

Jim began playing basketball in his early middle school years and continued playing at CCC for two years. He transferred to University of Idaho for one season and finished off his college career at Southern Oregon University. Jim has been the head women’s coach at CCC since 1998 and the director of health, P.E. and athletics since 2009. Jim’s most memorable moment in coaching has been coaching his daughter. 

“We have had many great teams here at CCC … but the most memorable have been the last three seasons,” he said. “Not many parents are fortunate enough to be in a position to coach their own children in college.”

PJ Martineau began to play organized basketball in third grade. She played in college as well, where she received a scholarship to play at     University of Idaho. PJ played at University of Idaho until she transferred and played her last two seasons at Portland State University. 

“I have been involved at some level with the CCC women’s basketball team for the past 25 years,” she said. “Basketball has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and has given me opportunities to travel, meet a lot of people and to give back to our youth. My future plans are to retire, travel and spend time with our family.”

Sophomore CCC student athlete, Mia Martineau, has been playing basketball her whole life.

“Growing up in the gym watching my parents coach made me develop a love for the game,” Mia said. 

Her future plans are to transfer to a four-year school to continue her basketball career and education.

“Basketball has been a big part of my life in all aspects,” Mia said. “It has given me the opportunity to travel. I have met some of my best friends through basketball, and it has challenged me to be my best and work hard.”

Basketball and Clackamas Community College have brought the Martineau family many memories and life lessons. 

“We have been blessed to work here at Clackamas for over 25 years,” Jim said. “This place is home for all of our family.  Our kids were raised in the gym. Not many college coaches get to experience the best of both worlds – putting family first, but also being able to have a successful coaching career.  Clackamas is a place that we were able to do both.” 

PJ thanked the former athletic director, Jim Jackson, for creating a family-friendly atmosphere at CCC. 

“He allowed Mia to be in the gym with us from when she was two weeks old until now, and the same for Clay,” PJ said. “This way of running an athletic department set the tone for many young families that came after us. If you know coaches, they put in a ton of time and making it a family atmosphere made our work life balance work for us. We are forever grateful to Jim Jackson, and I know the Rhodens, McHones, Buels and now the Sanchezes are as well.”

Mia is thankful for her time at CCC so far.

“Playing at CCC surrounded by family and friends has been a great experience and I will always be thankful for the last three years,” she said.

Aaliyana Balderas