Dean Bechard

Calling all theater recruits: CCC theater department invites students to join in

By Dean Bechard / November 30, 2022

Thinking of joining the Theater Department at Clackamas Community College? There are many benefits when signing up to be a part of our theater program. CCC and Clackamas Repertory Theatre director, Jayne Stevens, spoke about the Theater Department and the benefits when joining. Students play a big role in the Theater Department. Stevens explains that…

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Stupid Ghost, stupendous performance

By Dean Bechard / November 15, 2022

This upcoming weekend, Clackamas Community College is performing “Stupid Ghost” by Savannah Reich. When people think of ghosts, they usually think of scary, paranormal beings that come to haunt you. On this stage, the ghosts simply like to chill, vibe and listen to ‘80s dance music.  Sydney Palmer stars as the Ghost, who is attached…

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College Cancels Shuttle

By Dean Bechard / October 11, 2022

Shuttle Bus had been suspended due to the lack of use by students. CCC has discontinued their shuttle bus.  “The county has a lot more experience in operating a transit system and making shuttle routes.” said John Ginsburg, director of Student Life, a resource which helps students plan their learning development located in the Wacheno…

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