Ethan M. Rogers

Death at CCC TriMet Center

By Ethan M. Rogers / November 23, 2022

A man was found dead on the main campus of Clackamas Community College in Oregon City Monday.  According to the Oregon City Police Department, an officer performing a routine patrol at the TriMet transit center on campus discovered the body of a 58-year-old male on one of the bus benches around 5 a.m. Police say…

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Tim Cook discusses the future of education at Oregon City business forum

By Ethan M. Rogers / October 27, 2022

Declining birth rates, an aging and diversifying student population and a changing needs of employers are just a few of the challenges facing Clackamas Community College. That’s according to Tim Cook who informed attendees at the Oregon City Business Alliance’s monthly forum in September. The COVID pandemic gave administrators at the College time to think…

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Clackamas Community College appoints Karin Power to board

By Ethan M. Rogers / October 11, 2022

Karin Power was sworn in to an appointed position as a director on the Clackamas Community College Board of Education on Sept. 21, 2022. Power takes the position vacated by Greg Chaimov, who left the board position early in order to spend more time with his grandchild in Vancouver, Washington.  Power edged out applicant Deb…

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College recognizes Juneteenth

By Ethan M. Rogers / June 8, 2022

Holiday commemorates the end of slavery Holidays are, when you get right down to it, cultural stories handed down from one generation to the next. The things people celebrate, the things they honor, explain what they value.  Clackamas Community College has a new holiday starting this month, having added Juneteenth as an official college holiday.…

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Top Gun Maverick: The boy who never grew up

By Ethan M. Rogers / May 29, 2022

After 35 years in the Navy, Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell has failed to grow in any significant way since we last saw him in Top Gun back in 1986. Despite the Youtubesque intro, in which Tom Cruise addressed the theater audience with his sincere hopes that all would enjoy the film; despite the nostalgia; despite…

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Assistive Tech talks assistance

By Ethan M. Rogers / May 24, 2022

Ever wondered what resources are available through CCC to help with accessibility and inclusion? Assistive Technology Specialist Makayla Blackburn of Clackamas Community College’s Disability Resource Center sat down with The Clackamas Print staff to talk about her job and the resources available to students. The Clackamas Print: You were a student at Clackamas Community College,…

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Farmers Market Brings the Fresh

By Ethan M. Rogers / May 9, 2022

Fresh air, fresh flowers, fresh produce and an eclectic collection of prepared foods and gift items –  the corner of Main and Harrison in Downtown Milwaukie offers all this and more every Sunday from May to October in the form of the Milwaukie Farmers Market which has been an annual event since 1999. The Clackamas…

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Handy campus safety tool is all the rave

By Ethan M. Rogers / April 28, 2022

We’ve just spent the last two years huddling indoors behind masks, illuminated only by the soft glow of computer screens and handheld devices – and we’re finally free. Free to throw off the masks and run free, free as the wind blows, free as the grass grows. The last thing on our mind right now…

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5 Things to do for Spring Break

By Ethan M. Rogers / March 19, 2022

On Sunday, March 13, clocks moved forward one hour giving us the illusion of another hour of daylight and spring officially starts on March 20. That’s right, spring has almost sprung which means Clackamas Community College’s official spring break, from March 21 to 25, is almost upon us. Don’t have plans yet? Don’t worry, we’ve…

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College says millions needed to fight cyber crime

By Ethan M. Rogers / March 15, 2022

The college says it needs to spend nearly $3 million to fight cyber attacks. Alissa Mahar, vice president of college services and Saby Waraich, information technology dean, chief information officer and chief information security officer asked the Clackamas Community College Board of Directors for $2.8 million over 3 years for cyber-security upgrades to the college’s…

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