Katie Archer

Cougars run for veterans

By Katie Archer / May 20, 2015

While the tomb of the unknown soldier is remembered and respected, the vets who have returned home want us to remember them too. To serve those who have served America, Clackamas Community College will be hosting the first annual 5km Cougar Run on Saturday, May 30. All proceeds from this run will go to benefit…

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There’s no place like home plate

By Katie Archer / May 13, 2015

A team can only climb to the top when they have reached the bottom. The Clackamas Community College Cougars finished the 2015 baseball season last in their division, finishing 14-26. Head coach Jim Hoppel, who was an assistant coach for 14 years, took over the baseball program last March. As the head coach, Hoppel wants…

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Iron out personal health plans

By Katie Archer / May 6, 2015

The Clackamas Print and fellow Clackamas Community College students got their fitness questions answered by Nautilus Plus trainer Michelle Craig. Kristi Date: How hard would a transition be from a normal American diet to a healthy diet? Michelle Craig: So typically I tell people to take baby steps. I usually recommend people change one thing…

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Dressed to depress

By Katie Archer / April 22, 2015

Since their existence, men and women have always driven the other sex crazy. Sometimes good, other times not so good. Fashion is one that could fall under both categories. Even here at Clackamas Community College, both girls and guys have their fashion pet peeves about the other sex. Guys, want some fashion tips from girls…

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Remembering Rizzo

By Katie Archer / April 15, 2015

He left a legacy that will be near impossible to duplicate and his friendship will never be replaced. On Saturday, March 21, Clackamas Community College lost manufacturing instructor Chris Rizzo in a motorcycle accident. Those who knew him know they’ve lost a friend, a great teacher and so much more. “Chris loved to tell a…

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From local to tourist

By Katie Archer / March 20, 2015

My personal recommendations to adjusting from being a local in your hometown to a tourist in a new land. During dead week, March 10-14, seven members of The Clackamas Print took a trip to New York City to participate in a college media conference. As one can imagine the adjustment from living in the Portland…

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Bull riders buck through Moda Center

By Katie Archer / March 3, 2015

For a city known for its hipsters, Portland showed there are fans new and old of bull riding. Long lines of cowboys and cowgirls had already formed outside the Moda Center an hour before the event started. On Feb. 28, cowboys from all over the world transformed the Moda Center into the next stop on…

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Top ranked Cougars fall for first time

By Katie Archer / January 27, 2015

The agony of defeat. This week brings a new lesson for the Cougars as they pick up their first two losses of the season. Prior to Saturday’s dual against second-ranked North Idaho College and NAIA, second-ranked Southern Oregon University, the number one ranked Cougars were 13-0. Clackamas wrestlers faced off with two teams Saturday, Jan.…

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Black Friday creates retail nightmare

By Katie Archer / November 19, 2014

The nightmare before Christmas for many people is the cute movie about Jack Skellington spreading Christmas joy. For everyone in the retail industry however, the real nightmare is Black Friday. Clackamas Community College student Maisey Ortega said of Black Friday, “It’s the shittiest day of your life.” Ortega, who works at Footlocker in the Clackamas Town Center, remembers one…

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