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Purrington’s Cat Lounge is the first “cat café” adoption center in the Pacific Northwest. Located in North Portland on MLK Boulevard, it is the
first of its kind to serve beer, cider, wine and house-made food.
The lounge provides a home-like feel for the cats and serves as an alternative way for shelter cats to interact with prospective adopters. For those who have allergies but still want to enjoy the atmosphere, there is a separate café area with windows peering into the lounge.
Upon walking in, customers will see a ton of artwork and gifts to purchase as well as the café menu. There is an $8 entrance fee, but Purrington’s offers a student discount Tuesday through Friday 12-4 p.m. for half off regular admission.
The café offers a variety of drinks and snacks including coffee, chocolate milk and cookies, with vegan and gluten-free options as well. It serves an assortment of alcoholic beverages including half-price “Meowmosas” all day Sundays and a “Happy Meower” Tuesday through Friday 5-8 p.m.
“It was a super mellow place overall, and I would go again,” said Nathan Ruiz, a visitor in the cat lounge. “Maybe even make it a regular place to sit down and have a cup of coffee.”
Co-owner Sergio Castillo said that the lounge was inspired from a video he and his wife saw of a café in Paris.
“That was basically the instigator and then the rest was really to determine if it was a viable thing in this country,” Castillo said.
Castillo commented on the best way to describe the cat café.
“Purrington’s fosters cats,” he said, “because they’re available for adoption, and it’s a different way for them to hang out and socialize amongst other cats.”

“Every cat has a unique personality so there is a cat for every personality,” said Ruiz.
All of the cats inside the café are available for adoption through the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, and all of the proceeds from the adoptions are given back to CAT instead of the café itself.

According to Castillo, Purrington’s has had 238 adoptions since they opened last January.

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