Cougar women’s basketball wins against Linn-Benton


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By Quinton Prudhomme

On Feb. 14, Cougars women’s basketball faced off against the Linn-Benton Roadrunners. The team had not played against the Roadrunners all season. 

The Cougars won their last three games, and they were feeling strong going into this one.

“I feel really confident with taking today to prepare, and walking through some stuff,” said guard Skylar Groesbeck. I feel really good going in tomorrow. Coming off three big wins always helps. It’s like we’ve found our groove and it feels nice. So yeah, I’m really excited.”

Her teammate Katie Kathan agreed.

“I think that game against Chemeketa was a good win for us,” said guard Kathan, a guard. We just need to execute our game plans like we did during that game. And I think that we just play our game and you know, do what we do.,”

The team was feeling confident about the game against the Roadrunners despite never facing off against them yet this season.

The Cougars were playing strong in the first half. Guard Callie Glenn’s buzzer-beating shot brought the score to 36-26 at the half, though the Cougars seemed frustrated despite the lead.

“I mean, it was a struggle offensively,” said head coach Jim Martineau. “We had a really good run the last three minutes to kind of pull away like 36-26 as long as that three pointer stands, I think I feel pretty good about where we’re at defensively.”

Going into the second half, Callie Glenn was asked about how she was feeling. 

“I think we executed really well. You know, our scout and defensively we were being really smart and I think that’s the main thing. I mean, we held them at 26 points and that’s pretty good,” said Glenn.

The third quarter was explosive for the Cougars with them scoring 21 points, only allowing 3 points to the Roadrunners

“That’s one of the best third quarters we’ve had all year,” said Martineau.“They’re really good defensively, 21 against them in a quarter is pretty good. They’re a good defensive team. So yeah, really proud of the third quarter.”

The game finished with a Cougars victory with the final score being 65-43. 

“Yeah, that was a big win,” said Groesbeck.“We’re just gonna keep chipping away at the wins, keep a game-by-game control of the things we can control. We’ve been really focusing on coming out of halftime starting strong and I think we executed that really well today.” 

Clackamas had an exciting game with great execution by the team. The Cougars will know by March 2 if they have made the playoffs.

When asked about the playoffs and how she was feelingGlenn said, “Pretty good.”

“I think execution is the biggest thing and I think if we just believe that we can do it and that’s all that that’s gonna make us go farther,” said Glenn.


Quinton Prudhomme

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