High scoring victory for Cougars men’s basketball

The Cougars men’s team meets on the bench.
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High scoring victory for Cougars men’s basketball

By Quinton Prudhomme

Staff Writer

On Wednesday Feb. 7, the Clackamas Cougars faced off against the Mt Hood Saints. The Saints were in last place going into the game and the Cougars were sitting at 3rd in the conference.

Sophomore Payton Meyers, playing Wing position for the Cougars, was feeling strong going into the game.

“I’m very confident and so is the team,” Meyers said, “We just got to keep playing like ourselves and everything will be taken care of.”

Sophomore Alileyon Ford, also in the Wing position, felt good going into the game against Mt. Hood because of the Cougar’s recent victories against Chemeketa and Portland.

“I’m pretty confident in my team and myself,” Ford said, “Honestly, I feel like we are gonna go out here and play really hard and compete and try to get this win.”

Despite Ford’s confidence, the Cougars aren’t taking this game lightly.

“Yes, we do have to worry about their shooters and you know, the key guy that scores a lot for them,” Ford said, “But as far as us coming out and defending him and defending the team, I feel like well, we’re gonna come out and do the job and get it done.”

The first half was exciting and high-scoring, with the Cougars leading by 20 points. Cougar defense shut down nearly every attempt Mt. Hood took to score. The Cougars were also able to draw the fouls they were looking for.

“I feel like we got off to a good start. Obviously that was our goal coming into this game but we gotta keep pushing forward. They are a scrappy team and they’d come back if we got lazy,” said Meyers during half time, “We’re just gonna keep playing our game and go all out on the offense.”

The Cougars did just what Meyers said and went full throttle on the Saint’s offense scoring 46 points in the second half.

The Saints have lost their last 10 games and Saints fans appeared demoralized by their team’s performance. During the second half we were shooting in front of the home teams bleachers and they started to heckle our Cougars. 

“You know the more you play, the less that stuff affects you,” said Coach Cliff Wegner of the effect the heckling had on the Cougar team, “You know people trash talk and stuff. So our players are pretty mature. That’s just part of the game or the college atmosphere.”

This explosive and unique game put the Cougars in 2nd place in conference standing. If the Cougars can place in the top 4 of their division in the conference season they will go onto the NWAC basketball tournament where they will play against the best teams in the NWAC.

Quinton Prudhomme

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