Raven Stinson, newly elected President of the student government. Photo by Gabriel Elmosleh.

By Zachary Liston
Staff Writer


Elections at Clackamas Community College came to a close on May 8th, and the results are in: Raven Stinson has been elected student government president, and Stephani Dale has been elected as the ASG vice president.

The Associated student government is split into several different departments and they handle a wide array of tasks, from planning community events like fundraisers, to distributing grants and managing clubs on Campus.

Stinson, the newly elected President, will attend meetings and advocate for student needs. Stinson will also communicate with other schools to help meet the needs of their students. The also allows Stinson the authority to change policies — However, depending on which policy is being changed, it may need student approval.

Dale, who lives four hours away from campus, will have to perform her job remotely. However, she assures students this will not affect her ability to get the job done.

Stephani Dale, newly elected Vice President of the student government. Photo provided by Stephani Dale.

“I think that now that we are in a spot in the world where Zoom is a consistent happy thing that it will make the job being remote a little bit easier.”

Dale wanted to emphasize that her role is mostly a human resource job, meaning she hires and helps find new members of ASG. She plans on coming to select events next year, such as the leadership banquet, but cites scheduling conflicts as a large reason she won’t be able to attend most campus events.

“That is one of the reasons I chose vice president over president when I was deciding to run.” Dale said. “Because a vice president role can be done more remotely than some of the other roles we have.”

Stinson had her own reasons for running.

“I saw a lot from previous presidents and I’ve heard a lot of things that I kinda wanted to change or figured that I would do differently.” Stinson said. “I also feel like a lot of people who go into leadership in general, they’re thinking of themselves and not of the students.”

Stinson intends to be more focused on grants and resources than previous presidents. Stinson always seeks to establish connections with more food banks, donors and the foundation.

Stinson believes student government is important and has a plan to fix student apathy towards ASG.

“Student government is vitally important, and I wanted to change how the student body views us, so they can see we’re doing our best to help advocate for student body needs.” Stinson said. “People view our student government as just ‘oh we have one of those.’ Student government makes a lot of huge decisions for our school.”

Dale was career motivated when deciding which role she wanted in ASG.

“To be honest,” Dale said, “it was a little bit of loving the idea of being in that role, my goal in a career is to be in a human resource role and if you’re unfamiliar with the job description of our vice president they do the hiring and management of the team itself.”

Stinson isn’t the only newly elected ASG official with a plan to fix student apathy towards ASG.

“When I joined student government here at CCC I was expecting it to be a lot less (important) because we’re a small community college” Said Dale, who now serves as grants department chair, “I actively have a role in helping students fund some of the ways they take care of their college and so obviously that is an important role to have,”

Stinson wants to get students more involved with ASG and show them what ASG can do for them.

“I’m definitely gonna try and make things more student-centered. I feel like a lot of students don’t know about a lot of the resources here on campus, and so it’s gonna be a goal of mine to try and make sure that information gets out to them, that it’s easily accessible, and that it’s here for them.” Stinson said.

Stinson and Dale will both start their work during the summer term and continue until the end of the 2025 spring term.

Zach Liston

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