CCC library’s ‘tough topics’ make healing easier

A photo of Gabriel Elmosleh and SD Dewaay mid-interview.

A photo of Gabriel Elmosleh and SD Dewaay mid-interview. Photo Jackson Arterberry

By Gabriel Elmosleh

News Editor

The library at Clackamas Community College has started expanding its collection of books that covers tough topics like mental health, family relationships and addiction.

“We are just thinking about the ways that we can reach students. Sometimes students don’t want to talk about things that they need information on,” said SD Dewaay, Department Chair and Instruction Librarian at the CCC library. “Finding ways that we can get that information to them in other ways is what we’re trying to do.”

A portrait of SD Dewaay, Department Chair and Instruction Librarian at the CCC library

SD Dewaay, Department Chair and Instruction Librarian at the CCC library. Photo Jackson Arterberry

The library has added these categories to their collection based on past student demand for literature that covers these topics being quite high.

With the library also in the middle of the process of removing the outdated books and replacing them with current ones, the timing could not have been better.

The library also wants students to partake in a survey so they can know what topics are important to them, so then they can invest in books that cover those topics. The link to the survey can be found here.

“Old information can be harmful. Sometimes it’s fine, other times it can be harmful for people because there’s outdated ideas about society.” Dewaay said, “So next year we’re going to be doing a lot of collection development (gathering new books) where we’re looking at diversifying voices.”

A photo of the library's bookshelves. The book "Restoring Family Connections" is in the center of the image.

A photo of the library’s bookshelves. Photo Jackson Arterberry

CCC library staff intends to continue adding books that cover tough topics for the foreseeable future.

Dewaay went on to say, “It’s not good enough in 2024 to buy a bunch of books, and then not buy books again for 20 years. The priority is to make sure that not only is content up to date, but that more books are frequently added to the collection,” Dewaay said.

Many of the books being added to the library are also available to read digitally on the library’s website — meaning students won’t have to go all the way to the Oregon City campus just to check them out.

SD Dewaay also had a list of books that she personally recommends to help students deal with tough topics. she recommends “Modern Loss: Candid conversation about Grief: Beginners Welcome,” and “Grief Recovery for Teens: Letting Go of Painful emotions with Body-Based Practices.”

For more resources on tough topics, you can also check out these organizations:

To contact A safe place family justice center, to help those facing domestic or sexual violence, stalking, or abuse, call 503-654-2288, or go to

To contact the Clackamas Community College counseling line, call 503-594-3176, or go to

To contact the Clackamas County Crisis line, call 503-655-8585, or go to

To contact the suicide and crisis hotline, call 988

Gabriel Elmosleh