CCC’s Tuesday trivia night rewards students

I got home around noon on Tuesday, and was getting things ready before my girlfriend and I went online to join Clackamas Community College’s Tuesday Trivia Night.

The event is hosted online over Zoom every Tuesday with a new theme each week for the rest of the term, including prizes such as a $25 Amazon gift card to the winner and a $20 Amazon gift card to a random participant.

To our surprise, the trivia night was very fun, with an obvious Halloween theme ranging from the origins of Halloween all the way to the Monsters. We even left with a $20 gift card for Amazon.

In a modern-day world where trivia night is typically at a bar or a restaurant where you can get drinks or food, it would be cool if CCC were to host this event somewhere on campus, maybe in the Wacheno Welcome Center or Barlow Hall. This would allow participants to see each other’s faces and allow more room for self-expression. Whenever I think “Trivia Night” I think about a warm, bright environment with beer and laughter. Now, obviously, you can’t serve alcohol on school grounds. Perhaps if the school would allow for people to come in person for this event and notify those registered to bring in food for everyone to enjoy. I myself would be more than happy to bring something in. 

The online event allows more time and flexibility when it comes to scheduling. I can see how difficult it could be for some participants to make it to CCC during the 5-6 p.m. hour on a Tuesday. The event uses Kahoot, a game based learning platform that turns learning into trivia- perfect for trivia night, which will remind any Gen Z of their high school and middle school years. Most of Gen Z, if not all kids in America’s school system, are used to playing Kahoots in most classes. Many Gen Z signed up and used funny names such as Childish Gambino, and many of our favorite celebrities.

Although I would prefer an in-person event, I found this online event suited me just fine. With the event being online I was allowed to get changed into some more comfortable clothing, grab a snack and some drinks and dip into this fun activity.

When it comes to CCC Tuesday Trivia Night, it’s a fun time for everyone with fun questions and even a classic time on Kahoot. Many good things come from this event, especially during times of economic struggle. These past years have been hard on students with COVID-19 in 2020-2022, and many students are having to find new ways to earn money for tuition. When students are done with their classes, this event not only allows students to get their minds off of things and win prizes, but also allows students to come together and have a good time.

The event is hosted online on Zoom 5PM-6PM every Tuesday for the rest of the term.

Justus Hoover