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Clackamas Community College is looking to keep college president Tim Cook with a new three-year contract and a 20 percent raise over when he was hired in 2018.

The college board of education was scheduled to read his newest employment agreement at the college board meeting on May 15. However, the reading was postponed.

The agreement, effective July 1, 2024, extends Cook’s tenure for an initial 36-month term with provisions for automatic renewal, subject to mutual agreement.

“So every three years, the contracts are up for renewal with the board,” said board member Kathy Hyzy. “We have some proposed revisions.”

For Cook, the contract signing ceremony marks the beginning of his third three-year contract  serving as the school’s president and chief executive officer. Cook started working at the college in 2018 for a salary of $200,000 per year plus benefits.

Since Cook started, the college has established a diversity, equity and inclusion office, seen enrollment plunge during the pandemic and start to climb back. During his tenure, tuition has gone from $100 per credit hour in fall 2018 to $121 per credit this spring.

The contract between the college’s Board of Education and Tim Cook outlines various terms and conditions, including compensation responsibilities and evaluation procedures.

Under the terms of the newest agreement, which runs from 2024 – 2027, Cook will receive a salary of $240,759.64, with potential adjustments based on annual evaluations. In his current agreement with the Board of Education, Cook is paid a salary of $200,000 (the same amount as in his first contract).

Additionally, he is entitled to a tax-sheltered annuity payment of $2,000 per month, a car allowance of $1,000 per month, retirement contributions and insurance coverage.

As the chief executive officer, Cook’s responsibilities include implementing and executing board policies, overseeing educational programs and managing personnel matters. Cook is also tasked with establishing community relations programs, maintaining professional competency and presenting recommendations to the board.

The contract further stipulates a comprehensive evaluation process, wherein the board and Cook meet annually to assess performance based on defined responsibilities and established goals.

In the most recent evaluation from December of 2023, the board said, “President Cook has the Board’s full support and gratitude. We look forward to working with him to address the unique challenges of the future and encourage him to access trainings or supports he needs to tackle these unprecedented challenges.”

Regarding termination, the agreement outlines circumstances under which either party may end the contract including mutual agreement, incapacity or termination for cause. In the event of termination without cause, Cook will be entitled to a severance payment equivalent to six months of his highest salary.

The contract signing not only marks a third term for Cook but also reaffirms the board’s commitment to his leadership and the future direction of Clackamas Community College.

We were unable to reach Tim Cook for comment.

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