College weight room reopens after a two-year rest period

If you are a Clackamas Community College student looking to get a quick workout in between classes on campus, you’re in luck. 

The weight room is now open to students and faculty after two years of being closed due to COVID. The fitness center is open from noon to 3 p.m, Monday through Thursday. 

It is located on the first floor of Randall Hall. The Clackamas Print visited the gym and at first glance it’s a very nice gym. Plenty of equipment will help you meet whatever your fitness goals are. There are mirrors all over the walls to see the hard work you’ve done. It is a very spacious gym with tons of windows to bring in the natural light.

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Misay Partnof, a math insturctor at CCC, frequents the recently opened weight room. Photo credit: Jakob Kaiser

 When we visited the gym we ran into Misay Partnof who is a math instructor at CCC. 

“So I’ve been kind of here consistently this term since it’s open back up,” he said. “I’ve seen maybe like four people max. So I mean, it’s pretty nice to have it kind of all to yourself.” 

If you have been on campus this year, you know that not a lot of people are here. So if you like to work out with maybe one other person in there with you then you should definitely check it out.

Jim Martineau, athletic director at CCC, said “Yeah, so we just kind of opened it up just with doing the three hours, four days a week, kind of tiptoeing our way into it.” Martineau said the weight room was closed for so long due to the pandemic. 

“It’s all been COVID stuff,” he said. “But prior to the pandemic, we were open. We had evening hours, we had afternoon hours, and a couple of morning hours.” 

Now the question still stands for what the future will look like for summer term and fall term next year with whether we will be fully on campus and things will look “normal.”

Now because the distance rules had been lifted, we were curious on why the gym still had restrictive hours and Martineau said, “The current thing and the only reason we do that right now is just because of the pandemic. We didn’t have staffing. So in the summer, we don’t have to close it down. But next fall, we’ll come back and try to extend it longer.” 

The athletic teams also come in and use it and switch off times, and it is properly sanitized after each use. 

You should definitely swing by before or after your classes and see how cool the gym is for yourself.

Bella Vaughn

Bella Vaughn is originally from Clackamas, Oregon, and currently resides in Canby with her three dogs. She started at Clackamas Community College in fall 2021. She is taking classes to get her general degree and possibly working towards transferring to a four-year college. Bella started as a writer and photographer for The Clackamas Print in the fall of 2021. She is hoping to have some type of career in journalism. Bella loves all things creative, especially anything to do with art and music.