Cougar softball fights the Storm

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By Quinton Prudhomme

General Assignments Editor


On Wednesday, April 3, the Cougars softball team faced off against the Chemeketa Storm playing two games back to back.

The Cougars and the Storm were both fighting for the fourth place spot in the North Western Athletic Conference southern bracket.

It was a gray day which mirrored what was sure to be an emotional game for both teams, with both teams battling to break into the top four, the games were sure to be emotional for both teams.

Due to rain the night before, there was a game delay while the Cougars players and coaches restored the field to a playable state.

The repairs didn’t keep the Cougars down. They continued to warm-up and even began to line dance as a country tune came over the speakers.

When the whistle sounded, the Cougars were ready for action.

Chemeketa was first at bat and had a scoreless inning, while the Cougars scored two home runs made by No. 5 Skylar Groesbeck and No. 10 Violet Loftus.

Once both players ball flew over the fence and the players began to run the bases, the rest of the Cougars squad came out cheering, greeting the batters at home plate.

The Cougars pitched a shutout, the score 3-0, with the Cougars scoring once more in the 5th inning when No. 1 Paige Almanza hit a fly ball that was caught by an outfielder, allowing third No. 3 Riley Ryan to break away to home plate.

“I’m pretty good. Really appreciative of my team. That can’t happen without them. It’s been a really good defense,” said Cougar’s pitcher No. 9 Analisa Zamora.

“It felt pretty good. That’s always a nice way to start off the day,” said Groesbeck about her 1st-inning home run.

“I feel amazing,” Loftus said, “I think our team did a great job at keeping their energy up and we really just fed off of each other during that game. I think we’ve had our ups and downs, but we really love each other, I think that we’re doing an amazing job at coming together towards the end here.”


Quinton Prudhomme

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