The day is April 29, Portland State University students woke up to a rally of nearly 200 people marching up and down the city’s park blocks fronting Portland State’s Library, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. 

Protesters also demanded that PSU cut all ties with companies, such as Boeing and Intel, who have connections to the war in Israel.

Come nightfall the peaceful protest would turn in a different direction as roughly 75 PSU students took over the university’s Branford Price Millar Library barricading doors and hallways, destroying windows and spray painting walls and books. 

On May 1, 50 students left the library of their own free will. Shortly following protesters took to the streets for a “May Day”, march in honor of International Workers’ Day. By the time the march returned to the library the number of protesters seemed to have tripled. 

On May 2, around 6am, Portland Police Bureau officers rolled into campus in riot gear to remove the protesters that had been occupying the library. 

The following Photos are an insight into May 1st “May Day” march as well as May 2nd.

Young girl pepper sprayed after charging Portland Police. photo Jackson Arterberry

Portland Police deploy smoke trying to move the arrested students. Photo Jackson Arterberry

Protestors and Portland Police face off on the PSU campus. Photo Jackson Arterberry

Portland Police hold back protesters in front of the PSU library. Photo Jackson Arterberry

Portland Police deploy pepper balls and mace as protesters start charging officers. Photo Jackson Arterberry

Portland Police moved the line inside of the park blocks to cut off possible flank areas. Shortly after officer 508 was positioned in front of graffiti that said “the cops don’t know what to do LMAO” with a picture of a pig whose eyes were crossed out. Photo Quinton Prudhomme

Shortly after Portland Police announced the Park Blocks were closed and anyone in the blocks would be trespassing, police pushed protestors back and grabbed multiple people from the crowd and arrested them. Photo Quinton Prudhomme


Protestors being grabbed and pushed away as the Portland Police announce the Park Blocks are closed. They inched these protestors in between two flower beds leaving them no where to run.
Photo Quinton Prudhomme

Police and protestors facing off as the Portland Police Sweep the inside of the library. The barrier between them shifted as the protestors inched the police back during their shift changes.
Photos Quinton Prudhomme

Protestors took to the streets of Portland during the May Day March calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and promoting workers rights. Photo by Quinton Pruhdomme

Jackson Arterberry

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