Sebastian Laddusaw earns NWAC Pitcher of the Week

By Gabriella Vigil 

Sports Editor 

Clackamas Community College baseball pitcher, Sebastian Laddusaw, received Pitcher of the Week in the Northwest Athletic Conference for the week of April 15 to April 21. Laddusaw, a first-year student at CCC, grew up in Vancouver, Washington and played baseball at Hudson’s Bay High School before attending CCC. Laddusaw sat down with The Print to talk about all things baseball. 

The Clackamas Print: When did you start playing baseball?

Sebastian Laddusaw: Like two years old. My parents had options for me when I was younger. They put a basketball, a car, and a baseball in front of me. They were like “Alright, pick which one you want to do.” We had like a family friend that was into racing so that’s why we had the car there. I was always just fascinated with cars. I still am, but I ended up choosing baseball and that’s why I always stuck with it. 

TCP: What made you choose to play baseball at CCC?

Laddusaw: CCC Coach Hop was the first person to come down and give me an offer, and he was the first person to actually meet up with me in person. I thought that was really motivating to see that he actually wanted to, compared to a lot of other people. They just either text me or they’d give me that copy and paste response. Hop was really personal with everything like that. I wanted to go somewhere I can further get better at and this place sounded like they actually cared about everything that happens here. So that’s why I decided to come here. 

TCP: What did this season look like to you individually?

Laddusaw: For me, it started off pretty alright. I felt good, but moving from high school to here, I took it for advantage. I thought that this would be a lot easier because I played summer ball teams. I played university teams, and I did alright there, and I thought this was going to be a breeze considering it’s the NWAC, and it was not. My mental state was not in the right spot, so I didn’t look at things the correct way. So halfway through the season, I was struggling with stamina a lot and struggling with executing what I needed to do. I didn’t have the drive that I needed to actually get better. I felt kind of stuck for a while, and I got moved from game two starter to reliever because I needed to work on my stamina. Towards the end of the season when I started figuring things out, I started recording every single time I threw a baseball. That’s when everything really clicked for me, and it was just putting in that work. I wish I did it earlier in the season because things would have definitely turned out a lot different, but it’s a learning experience. 

TCP: Tell me about getting Pitcher of the Week in the NWAC; how did you achieve this?

Laddusaw: I pretty much just recorded everything I did and analyzed every single step. I was really hard on myself, but I was making sure that everything I did on and off the field was towards that goal. I didn’t think pitcher of the week would have been that goal, but like definitely showing off what I am capable of, because a whole year I hadn’t quite performed to my potential, and I think that Linn-Benton was just a sneak peak of what I’m capable of. 

TCP: What does this achievement mean to you?

Laddusaw: All year, I didn’t get that recognition that I really wanted because I wasn’t performing to my best ability. Getting that recognition and having people’s heads turn and be like, what the heck just happened? I threw 152 pitches, which is not something I probably should have done, but just getting people to turn their heads and look at what we’re doing here and what we’re capable of. The talent we have here is something that I was really proud of. It’s not just all me working out there, it’s our whole team. 

TCP: What strengths do you believe you have that make you a great athlete?

Laddusaw: I think that my determination to seek results is a great drive and what makes me better. I know that a lot of people think it’s just me being hard on myself and even my coaches will be like “don’t do too much” like you’re going to hurt yourself or whatever. I think that drive to get better every single day and that pushes me to get better is what makes me a good athlete. 

TCP: What do you enjoy most about baseball?

Laddusaw: I enjoy being out here and playing good. I like soaking in the sunshine. I like being the center of attention on the field, that’s always fun. 

TCP: What are your goals going into next season?

Laddusaw: My goals are to get recognition for not only Clackamas, but myself. Obviously, I set a lot of goals this season that I wasn’t able to accomplish because of how I went into it early in the season. So next season, I’m definitely going to start off harder, sooner, and hopefully accomplish some of these goals. 

TCP: What are your plans after CCC?

Laddusaw: Hopefully to go to a four-year, just anywhere at the next level. I don’t care how high the next level is, but taking that next step is definitely important to me. 

TCP: Are you looking to do baseball professionally?

Laddusaw: That’s the end goal.


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Gabriella Vigil

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