Softball Player from Hawaii Takes on Oregon

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Coming from a small school, Muniz found that CCC felt like home. Photo provided by Muniz.

Clackamas Community College has many athletes that come from other states to play sports. The Clackamas Print was privileged to interview Maura Muniz from Haleiwa North Shore, Hawaii.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

The Clackamas Print: What made you choose CCC?

Maura Muniz: I chose CCC because I liked their softball program. I also liked that it is a good distance from some of my cousins that live in Oregon. Coming from a really small high school, I didn’t want to jump straight into a big 4-year university. I saw that Clackamas was just a perfect fit for me because of the student-to-teacher ratio and everything Oregon City had to offer. 

TCP: What is your favorite part of being here at CCC? 

Muniz: My favorite part about being here at CCC is the little athletic community we have here. 

TCP : What is something you miss from your hometown?

Muniz: I miss watching the sunsets at the beach, the warm weather and the food. 

TCP: What’s something fun or exciting here that you like that isn’t from your hometown?

Muniz: I am able to watch the seasons change. I actually just went to the waterfront cherry blossom in Portland. I am excited to go to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms and the Adelman Peony Gardens.   

TCP: Are there any differences from here in Oregon compared to Hawaii?

Muniz: I really enjoy not having to pump my own gas. The Oregon and Hawaii price difference is amazing. Hawaii is beautiful but Oregon is a whole different beauty that I thought I would never fall in love with, up until I finally moved.  

TCP: What is your favorite thing about being on the softball team here at CCC?

Muniz: I really like how supportive and loving my teammates and coaches are. I enjoy how fun it is to be around people like that here in the CCC softball program. 

TCP: Do you have any favorite memories from playing softball?

Muniz: One of my favorite memories that I have from playing softball was from when we first started practicing together in fall. My favorite day out of the week was Wednesday because Wednesdays were the days we would scrimmage each other. I enjoyed those scrimmage days because I really liked the energy it brought out from my team. I liked how we could support each other but still be very competitive.   

TCP: What are your plans for your future?

Muniz: After my two years at Clackamas I will join a radiography program so that I could continue in the workforce as an ultrasound technician. 

Brandi Dees