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Students and employees of the school participated in ASG’s dodgeball event.

The Dodgeball Tournament held on May 30 was the final offering of Wellness Month at Clackamas Community College.

Kirby Gleason, Academic Advisor at CCC and announcer for the Seattle Seahawks, introduced the starting line-ups for the tournament’s six teams of six players.

One team was made up of Associated Student Government members, another one was staff from the Academic Foundations and Connections department and the other four were not officially associated.

When the whistle blew to start play, there were mad dashes to reach the balls at midcourt. The volleying of dodgeballs then commenced, entertaining the dozens of onlookers. The greatest reactions from the crowd were when only one person remained on one side of the court. When this person was knocked out there was great applause from the crowd.

Stephani Dale, grants chair for student government, wrote in an email, “We were looking for a fun physical activity for Wellness Month that would be friendly competition. The Wellness Month planning committee voted on a few ideas and the final decision was dodgeball.”

Wellness Month included Massage Day, Paint Night, study sessions, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Day, a dance party, a showing of the movie “Anxious Nation,” a health and resources fair, a Game Day with Nintendo Switch and a Spring Celebration in the quad.

The day before the tournament there was some serious “smack talk” between ASG member Shelby Walman and AFAC member John Ginsberg.

“My philosophy is students first, except in this case.” Ginsberg said.

“Why am I playing?” Walman said. “To beat John.”

Just before the tournament started, Walman said, “John will leave in an ambulance.”

When these two teams played one another and Walman was hit, making him out, he addressed the crowd, “I did take out John.”

Laura Southers

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