Story by Emily Roberts

MOD Pizza is a modern pizza restaurant that draws in customers with its unique atmosphere and delicious artisan pizzas.

Accompanied by Lilly Farris, I visited the new MOD Pizza that opened across the street from the college. Entering the building, I recognized the familiar look that every MOD restaurant has — collages of customers and employees on the walls and the modern-styled seating areas. We were welcomed as we walked towards the front counter. If you’re unfamiliar with how this place works, it’s basically a build-your-own pizza or salad. For pizza, you have the option of their 11” thin crust, the 11” thick crust, or the mini 6” crust. The salad has fewer options, unfortunately, at one size, but it is a hefty bowl for your greens.

I ordered the basic 11” with red sauce. I chose only two toppings: mushrooms and extra cheese. While it may seem like a subpar pie, I blame the New York style slices that I’ve had before. As I went to pay, they slid our pizzas into their open-mouthed oven to cook.

One thing I admire about MOD is no matter how many toppings you choose, the price remains the same $8.67 for the 11” thin crust. I have a background in working pizza and I always hated to watch people’s price pile up with the more toppings they chose. Coincidentally, customers were also displeased with the end result of their colorful meal.

It only took a few minutes for my name to be called. They cut the pizzas into four slices and have a bar of spices for seasoning. After we settled down into a booth, we were quick to dig-in. I held up a slice into the air and watch the strings of cheese hang down. I may be lactose intolerant, but I am no fool. Extra cheesy pizza is a gift from the gods.

The crust was crunchy but didn’t lose its chew. To my delight, they weren’t too heavy on the sauce, something I always forget to specify while on the makeline and always seems to regret. The mushrooms were cut semi-thickly so that when cooked, they didn’t shrivel up and lose their texture. Good mushrooms on a pizza will always automatically win me over. Each bite of pizza was well balanced between the flavors.

MOD knows what customers want: good pizza at a low cost. They entice you with the promise of delicious grub and keep you coming for the unique style of the restaurant(and more pizza of course). I think this is a spot every CCC student should visit seeing as it’s quick, cheap and very much worth it.

Lilly Farris: Pizza, truly the only thing humanity can agree on; its delectable and enticing cheesy luster calls out to all people of all creeds no matter where they come from. But unfortunately, what people often cannot agree on it the type of pizza.

When you’re having a party and suggest to order a sweet pie you’re the toast of the ball, but when no one can agree on pineapple or no pineapple, the toast of the ball turns into soggy dough.

That’s why I, who is not a native to Oregon City or Portland, was immediately smitten with their warm and inviting decor when I walked onto a MOD Pizza for the first time. Their menu of enticing and varied options was a sight for sore eyes, and when I asked the kind women at the counter how this establishment operated, she said to me in the voice of an angel, “It’s basically like Subway, but better.”

Ah, such magnificent words to my option-weary ears. No longer was I or my compatriots to be shackled to each others tastes; no longer would we need to compromise our dinner orders. Each of us could have the pizza of our dreams without it being poisoned by the pineapple chunks of tasteless friends.

And so I ordered a personal pan of mushrooms, crushed garlic and artichoke hearts (the pizza of CHAMPIONS) and waited with baited breath at my table for my prize.

In less than 10 minutes my patience was rewarded with my delectable offering. The taste may not have been the finest I had ever had, but even a normal slice of pizza is fathoms better than the greatest burger or salad in existence.

Besides, after a long day of struggle with the unforgiving beast of figuring out my financial aid with no lunch break my hunger was ravenous. I wolfed down that ‘za like my life was in danger, and loved every second of it. It may not have been a feast for a king, but after a hard day of fighting for your future in the colosseum of education, as long as it’s exactly what you wanted, you feel like royalty.

All in all it was pretty good, 9/10 would eat again.

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