‘Fun and Fit’ motivates staff

Members of the staff wellness program join in group dance in the Community Center. Photo contributed by Clackamas Fun and Fit


By Doug Fry

“We want to create opportunities and events for improving the overall health and wellness of our employees at CCC,” so says the staff wellness mission statement.

Clackamas Community College staff and faculty are working hard to improve their overall health and wellness. The Fun and Fit health club is helping employees at Clackamas live a healthier lifestyle. Currently, the program is headed by health and physical education instructor, Tracy Nelson, and student life and leadership coordinator, Michelle Baker.

Baker first got involved with the program as one of the founders in 2007.

“I have an interest and passion for fitness and want to share that with others,” said Baker.

As co-coordinator, Nelson knows this program is something many people can get support in.

“We just felt that we needed to be offering more for our staff at Clackamas in overall health and wellness,” said Nelson. “If you’re healthy you tend to be more productive and feel better. We’re in the business of serving students and we want to be able to serve our students as best we can.”

The staff wellness program provides different outlets for members to add some fun and exercise to their day. Currently, the program has roughly 250 members signed up. Therefore, they are receiving notifications on upcoming events, weekly emails and most of all motivation.

With anything new, there are often changes that occur. In this case, they were in the right direction in the eyes of Nelson.

“We have done a lot of trial and error over the last couple years,” said Nelson. “We started out focusing more on fitness and diets, we have really tried to move towards holistic approach to health and wellness.”

Responses from the staff about the program have been nothing but positive. Training services coordinator Teresa Robertson is one of many members who has had a positive experience in the program.

“I’ve really enjoyed it,” said Robertson. “One of the quarterly activities is when you get a team of coworkers and track different things for points. For doing group activities, we get extra points, so now we’re encouraging each other and that’s fun.”

Baker added that she often hears reinforcement of the program from other staff members.

“It is great to hear back from staff about how this helps them stay motivated even on their own,” said Baker. “We know not everyone can attend events, but if we can inspire people to make one more healthy choice today, and again tomorrow, then we have done what we set out to do.”

The program is not only for the constantly active or fitness nut, all skills and physical levels can participate and enjoy themselves.

“There’s a trainer that comes in and does a work out, he’s really good with modi cations,” said Robertson. “I really appreciate that it doesn’t matter your ability or your limitations and everyone can participate.”

Robertson also added that the classes and scheduled events are low pressure. Meaning, staff and faculty that would like to attend can choose how involved they would like it to be.

The program is able to provide personal training consulting, access to nutritionists, cooking classes and also o -campus events.

The program is backed by the college and there are opportunities to meet other staff that would not regularly cross paths. Also, prizes are offered each quarter for the different challenges. It is an educational experience and it provides information for members to learn more about making choices for themselves.

Staff who want to get involved should email Baker or Nelson.

Doug Fry