Self-care at the healthy living fair | VIDEO

By Summer Barraza

Multimedia editor

Nothing is more important to community than health. On Feb.12, Clackamas Community College hosted more than 30 vendors in the Bill Brod Community Center for its annual Healthy Living Fair.

Michelle Baker, the student life and leadership coordinator said the fair is more than just a career exhibition. Rather, it’s a time to do service learning, find new ways of stress control and develop a sense of community – while also experiencing a free massage.

The Healthy Living Fair is more about self care than what one would expect out of a career fair. The focus is on finding yourself, not finding a job. Students gathered around a giant television to watch the winter Olympics, while enjoying warm food to counteract the chilly weather. Community members crowded around chiropractors and health care specialists to learn more about their spines and how to pay for them.

Jacob Colton, a second year student at CCC on said he enjoyed the enthusiasm on campus while students chatted with the vendors about their individual services. He also appreciated the food that was being offered despite having his own lunch. Colton said he enjoys the traditional clam chowder but could appreciate the vegetarian corn chowder option.

The food and beverage were staples at the fair, as community members, students and staff members came from all around to eat stew, chowder, baguettes, granola bars and infused water.

Madison Weinhard, the director of promotions for the Associated Student Government, said that it’s important for the campus to offer different meal options for people with varying diets and tastes; and it’s also crucial to inform college students about emotional and mental health.

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