In order to be hired as either a contributor or editor, you must take the appropriate classes, as shown below. Upon joining, you will be considered an active contributor.

Classes to take

J215 – College Newspaper: Writing/Photography

Be a writer or photographer for the award-winning, student-run newspaper/website: The Clackamas Print. No experience necessary.

M, W 1-2:20 p.m.

3 credits

J226 – College Newspaper: Design/ProductionĀ 

Put together The Clackamas Print. Write headlines and design pages using Adobe InDesign. No experience necessary.

Tuesdays, 1-4:50 p.m.

4 credits


Become an Editor

Each editorial position is considered open for every new term. Positions come with a tuition waiver that can cover up to 18 credit hours. All editors must take the writing and photography class, as well as the design class on Tuesday, which lasts from 1-5 pm or later. Editors are held to high expectations and failure to adequately perform the duties of your role can result in your termination/not being rehired for the role in the subsequent term.

Interviews are held near the end of the term.

Editor Requirements:

  • Must be a student enrolled at Clackamas Community College, either full or part-time
  • Must have a 2.0 GPA or higher. Failure to maintain will result in ineligibility
  • Be enrolled in J-215 and J-226
  • Become proficient in AP (Associated Press) style
  • Meet deadlines
  • Communicate well with fellow editors and contributors
  • Attend regular, mandatory 30 minute editorial meetings once a week on Monday(or any day it is scheduled)
  • Be able to edit written work
  • Have proficient writing and English skills
  • Assign stories weekly
  • Get edited stories to the copy editor no later than Friday night


For more information, contact the editor-in-chief at Job descriptions can be found in the editor application. Download the application here.


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