Victoria Tinker, left, and Blake Swan, right, take a very brief break from the Print production class to grab some veggie chips at the bookstore, and wound up chilling in the sculpture garden by the Art Center building.

The Clackamas Print welcomes you to the 2016-2017 school year. We are looking forward to giving students this school year stories they want to read about, from what’s going on with Campus Safety, sports updates, movie reviews, the best spots to grab a bite to eat and more! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the people in charge, our editors in chief.

My name’s Blake Swan. Fall term of 2015, I was the associate arts and culture editor then I became the copy editor for winter and spring term. I really enjoy working on the Print, because we all spend so much time together, we end up a big family. Most of my free time is spent at Starbucks in Sandy, I work there full-time and I’m also a full-time student. My current plan is to transfer to Pacific University and double major in teaching and French. I hope everyone at Clackamas picks up our paper once in awhile.

Hi, I’m Victoria Tinker. Journalism and photography have always been a passion of mine. Through this last year of being the photo editor at The Clackamas Print, I felt I was prepared to lead the editors and photographers through this school year. When I’m not hard at work in the Print room, or at my job at the Clackamas Town Center, you can find me learning to swing dance, throwing a pot or trying to find parking this fall term. I’m excited to meet new people and try new things. I’m a big dog lover so bring me your dog and I’ll pet it.

Please email us with your questions, comments, concerns and story ideas. Letters to the editors are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely, Blake Swan and Victoria Tinker

Clackamas Print