A Rather Murky Resolution to the ASG Election Debacle


Apology email sent by Olivia Gordon.

After a contentious election and accusations of election violations that stalled the release of the election results for nearly a month: Olivia Gordon, 17, a computer science student, will be the next Associated Student Government President, beating Bethany Day by seven votes. The incoming ASG Vice President will be Emily Dallas.

“The Elections Challenge committee deemed that there was a violation of the Elections Code by Olivia Gordon during the campaigning process, but that the violation did not warrant disqualification,” said Student Life and Leadership Director John Ginsburg via email.  “The committee approved sanctions to be that Olivia  needed to apologize to the ASG and have a weekly check-in with a staff member for the fall term.”

The ASG and associated faculty have been tight-lipped about the accusations, and declined to give details despite numerous requests for clarity and comment from The Print. Additionally, Gordon and others declined to comment when contacted by The Print. 

Gordon’s email to ASG, a copy of which was obtained by The Print, also didn’t go into specifics. 

“I sincerely apologize for my divisive behavior during the ASG elections,” Gordon wrote on May 31. “What I did was unkind and inappropriate. I am sorry for being a poor representative of ASG. I will not do it again. I hope everyone can heal!” 

Gordon signed her note “kindest regards” and included three hugging emojis. 

Though details of the allegations have not been made public, The Print has learned that one of the issues was Gordon allegedly attempting to intimidate other ASG candidates.

The ASG elections committee has also organized a Restorative Justice Circle on June 6. The hope is that people hurt by the election process, accusations and violations will be able to air their grievances in a healthy way, helping release any resentments and ill-will.  The circle is being hosted by the CCC and organized by Miranda James, the multicultural center coordinator and Molly Kennedy, an ASG member.

Citing Oregon public record law, The Clackamas Print has requested emails and other written documentation related to the allegations against Gordon. The findings of that request were not immediately available.

Update as of June 12, 2023.

“I am unable to fulfill your request because what you are requesting would be a violation of ORS 192.355(8), ORS 192.398(4), and FERPA,” said Greer Gaston, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, in an email reply to The Clackamas Print.

So the official comment from the college is there is no comment.

Gabriel Lucich