Board of ed. election brings new face

If you never submitted the Clackamas County special district election ballot, it’s too late now; May 16 was Election Day, the final day to vote.

The Clackamas Community College’s Board of Education representative, serve for four years. Each person is from a different area and there are seven zones in the college district.

This year, there were four zones that ended up on the ballot for voters. In zone two, the central north part of the Clackamas County area, Rob Wheeler was elected as a representative and he is replacing Jean Bidstrup, who has served on the Board for the past 11 years.

In zone three, the Gladstone area, Dave Hunt was re- elected.

Then, for zone six, the east Clackamas County area, Jane Reid was also re-elected and she has been on the Board since 2007.

Zone seven was the only one with two people running, Irene Konev and her opponent Michael D. McNichols. Konev has lived in Canby for more than 11 years and has previously attended Clackamas Community College as a student.

Konev came ahead with 2,687 votes and McNichols lost with only 2,093 votes. Now, Konev will be replacing Richard Oathes, who had the Board position since 2007.

– Merari Calderon Ruiz

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Merari Calderon Ruiz