Story and photos by William Farris

Clackamas Community College Board of Education announced Vice President of Instruction for Clark College Doctor Tim Cook to be the next president taking over for the soon-to-retire President of CCC Doctor Joanne Truesdell on March 14, which was followed by a chorus of cheers and excitement. Cook will take his position July 1.

After a year of CCC searching for a new president around the time of Truesdell’s announcement to retire last spring, the college finally made its choice. Cook gave a tearful thank you as he was welcomed and congratulated by staff, students and community members alike that evening, and promised to uphold the work of Truesdell going forward.

Doctors Tim Cook of Clark College and Joanne Truesdell of Clackamas Community College stand together as photos are taken.

“I’m just excited to work with the students,” Dr. Cook said. “I’m excited to make sure that students are succe

eding and completing their goals. I can’t wait to meet the students and really help support them.”

The mood in the room was electric as many came together to celebrate the beginning of a new moment at CCC that was punctuated with a slightly somber note as the college had to say goodbye to someone who had dedicated so much of their life to the school.

Truesdell was nothing but smiles as she shook hands with Cook and wished him luck. As the celebrating wrapped up and business once again commenced, the school moved silently but confidently into its next chapter.

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