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Construction is underway at the Harmony West Campus. Completion is expected fall 2017. A model of the new building is displayed in the lobby of the Harmony Campus.

Construction is underway at the Harmony West Campus. Completion is expected fall 2017. A model of the new building is displayed in the lobby of the Harmony Campus.

By Tim Vixay

In November 2014, voters in Clackamas County passed Measure 3-447, a $90 million bond measure that is being used to update Clackamas Community College classrooms and modernize equipment to meet industry standards.

The bond measure was developed after a two-year engagement process with the community, addressing what they most valued from the college. Transfer Degree programs and Career Technical programs were identified as the top two areas for improvement.

The college currently has 27 buildings on three campuses in Oregon City, the Harmony Campus in North Clackamas and the Wilsonville Training Center. Once the bond projects are completed, students will be able to earn a two-year degree at any of the three campuses.

The first of these projects is the construction of the Harmony West Campus, replacing the 60-year old former Oregon Institute of Technology building. Completion of the new building is expected for the fall of 2017.

The SAIL, or Student Applied and Integrated Learning, program was implemented to involve students in the construction and contract work of the bond projects. The goal of SAIL is to get at least 1,000 hours of student workforce participation, however CCC Public Information Officer Lori Hall expects to exceed this expectation.

“It’s only been one year and we’re already at 388 [hours], and we have five years of projects,” Hall said.

Not only will students get hands- on experience, the program will also build connections with businesses and industries. The inici group, Inc. is working with the college as the program and construction management firm.

“It’s a great way to get involved and to know what’s happening, and at the same time gaining skills that you might not have an opportunity to gain otherwise,” said Angela Douglass, the firm’s project coordinator. “It’s right on campus. It’s close and it’s accessible work. These contractors are really excited to get students involved. We’ve even had art students contributing. They did a sculpture from a piece of wire from the OIT building that was deconstructed.”

In addition to SAIL, the BOAT, or Business Opportunities Achievement Target, program was created to encourage bond project employment across Clackamas County. An emphasis is being placed on resident businesses and minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses, as well as emerging small businesses.

“The goal of the SAIL/BOAT program is to get students in the construction of the building so they can walk out with a resume or a job within that program,” said Bob Cochran, the dean of campus services.

As of Dec. 30, 19 subcontractors qualify for the BOAT program. Some of the qualifying contractors working on the Harmony West project include: Bell Hardware, Bill Erickson Heavy Construction, Frontier Roofing and Shields Painting Corp.

Upcoming bond projects on the Oregon City campus include construction of the Industrial Technical Center, an addition to the DeJardin Science building and construction of a new Student Services/ Community Commons building. The ITC will be the center for the automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and welding programs. The DeJardin Science building will receive an additional building and will also receive improvements on the existing facility. The Bill Brod Community Center will be replaced by an updated building to house student service offices, student government and student organization offices such as the veteran center. The 64,600 square-foot building will also include a bookstore and dining facility.

Any student or businesses interested in getting involved with the SAIL/BOAT program can contact the Career Center for more details and information.

James Harley contributed to this article.

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