Campus construction continues

Barlow parking lot and Harmony campus still in progress

Story and photos by Sam Weston

Photo Editor

School is back in session but construction continues at Clackamas Community College. Two projects that began early this year are still being worked on and will continue into fall term.

The first project is the Barlow parking lot reconstruction along with the ongoing construction of the future Industrial Technology Center building. Bob Cochran, the dean of campus services, says that on the first day of school, 468 spots will be available while another 200+ will come after the first week. This is down from last year’s total of 817 spots. The full amount will be available next fall after the ITC building is finished. Cochran stated that they don’t anticipate any issues come the beginning of the term, however parking still remains a hot topic among the student body.

A staff meeting was held on Sept. 18 to go over what students and faculty will need to do to prepare for parking in the lots this fall and email detailing the plans was sent out to CCC staff later that day. Lori Hall, the public information officer at CCC, stated that Campus Services will have signage and flaggers on site to help direct students to available parking and that staff and faculty will be encouraged to park in the purple lot next to the Family Resource Center. Although more parking will become available, construction for the ITC and Environmental Learning center are still underway and are unavailable to pedestrians. While there are no anticipated problems with the new Barlow parking lot, staff will work to ensure that students and faculty are able to find parking this upcoming term.

The second project is Phase II of the Harmony Campus reconstruction. The project was to be completed by the beginning of fall term but the campus remains under full construction leaving the classrooms in the modules for the fall term.

“The demolition of the [Oregon Institute of Technology] building took longer than anticipated,” said Cochran, “with the harsh winter snow and ice, steel workers weren’t able to work until it was clear.”

This is Phase II of the reconstruction process and the newly installed building is replacing the former OIT building. The new building will contain more classrooms, labs, and a book store.

Currently, there are eight classrooms available in four trailers total. With classes remaining in the modules for the fall term, students wondering what it will be like to have classes in these modules have little to fear according CCC student Jeni Lidster, who has taken classes in them before.

“The classrooms are small but spacey,” said Lidster, “there are still desks and a white board. It’s like a regular classroom.”

Lidster also assured that there weren’t any issues regarding the room temperatures so if there is another cold winter ahead, students shouldn’t be concerned.

With the construction, the criminal justice program, which is normally at the Harmony Campus, will be temporarily moved to Clairmont hall until winter.

For the time being, students will have to remain patient while construction continues. While parking remains an issue for many students, campus services is working hard to get more available within the next year. As for the Harmony building, so long as we don’t have another winter like last year, the building should be ready by the beginning of 2018.

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