Campus hangs up on call center

By Autumn Berend


Clackamas Community College is shutting down the Call Center, due to variables such as few calls that can be handled by students, according to public information officer Lori Hall. In its place, will be a phone tree, which, when called, will connect callers to the office they wish to speak with.

โ€œ[The call center] came into existence because of the explosive growth the college was experiencing during the most recent recession,โ€ enrollment services operations manager Chris Sweet stated.

Sweet was originally proposed the discontinuation of the collegeโ€™s call center. Those who worked in the Center were either peer assistants who received tuition waivers or they did it for work study, paid hourly.

The phone tree is currently under development. For people to use it, they would have to call (503) 594-6000 or (503) 594-6100 and select the office they wish to speak with.

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Autumn Berend

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