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Clackamas Community College continues to experience changes in the management of Campus Safety. As the search continues for a permanent Director of Campus Safety, a new position has been added to the department: Manager of Campus Safety.

Dave Houseberg, candidate for the Director of Campus Safety, rescinded his application, shortly after an all staff email was sent announcing him as the new director. The Clackamas Print asked why Houseberg decided not to come to CCC.

“We do not know the answer to that,” said Bob Cochran, the Dean of Campus Services. The administration is exploring the possibility of a new interim director until a permanent director is found.

There are several reasons that officers accept the position of Director of Campus Safety and leave within a short period of time. One left to advance her career in other directions.

“Others arrive thinking there is more police-like work here than the general campus safety, environmental health and safety and emergency preparedness needed by CCC. This does not fit into their law enforcement history, education and career goals,” said Cochran.

The college’s own officer Pete Kandratieff, who began working at the college in 2001, was promoted to Manager of Campus Safety. He is an alumnus of CCC who obtained his degree in law enforcement from Portland State University. He has spent time as a security guard and a reserve deputy sheriff.

“The position of Manager of Campus Safety was approved for in last year’s budget and we were waiting for the new director to make the appointment,” said Cochran.

This position involves working to ensure that all campuses are safe for students. Kandratieff will make certain that there are deputies and campus safety officers that are working together at the Oregon City, Harmony and Wilsonville campuses. There will always be one officer from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office on campus.

“Currently the campuses have three part-time and two full-time officers, and a third full-time officer will be added this week,” said Kandratieff.

The campus safety officers have been unarmed since July 1, 2016, when the agreement with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, which allowed CCC officers to have full police powers on campus, expired and was not renewed. Even though the campus safety officers are unarmed, the CCSO deputies do carry weapons on campus.“It has been a quiet start to the school year,” said Deputy Mike Lightner, an officer for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department who patrols the campus. “I have been putting notes on vehicles reminding people that there is additional parking behind Barlow and in the extra parking around back.” Students can be ticketed for illegal parking in handicapped zones.

If a student needs to contact an officer, the best way is by calling the Campus Security Office at 503-594-6650 to arrange a meeting

Lori Hall, the Public Information Officer, wanted to remind students, “If there is an emergency, call 911.”

Pete Kandratieff was promoted to manager of Campus Safety.

Pete Kandratieff was promoted to manager of Campus Safety.

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