Campus Safety hires new college resource officer

By Laura Canida

College Safety exists to patrol the campus, investigate crimes, prepare reports, and respond to emergencies. In addition to these duties, they provide security escorts, directions, campus information and even aid with vehicle assistance for those in need.

The Department of College Safety distributes and maintains copies of the Emergency Safety Guide in classrooms and other prominent locations throughout college facilities. Building

maps detailing escape routes and location of emergency equipment are located next to the Emergency Safety Guides; these guides include information on reporting emergencies, basic first response, fire safety, and lockdown, lockout and evacuation procedures.

To keep the college population abreast of the goings on within our College Safety department, they launched a monthly email newsletter with safety facts, tips and resources.

Each month the Clackamas Print will share the most recent updates provided by the Clackamas Community College Safety News.

Director of College Safety, Tom Sonoff, shared his latest news update. “I am pleased to introduce Officer Steve Heryford of the Oregon City Police Department. Steve comes to us with over 17 years of law enforcement experience and several years serving as the School Resource Officer at Oregon City High School. Steve also has a family connection with CCC — one of his daughters graduated from CCC, and another daughter is currently enrolled in the nursing program on Harmony Campus.

When you see Steve on campus, be sure to stop and introduce yourself to him.

“If you have a question you would like College Safety to answer in the future, email me at”

To contact College Safety, call 503- 594-6650 or email

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Laura Canida

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