CCC elects new president and vice president

2017-’19 ASG president Francia Lockerby.

On Monday Clackamas Community College announced the new Associated Student Government president and vice president.

Francia Lockerby and Clare Hansen will be replacing Jairo Rodriguez and Daniel Romero-Vasquez as the ASG president and vice president.

Lockerby led the race with 103 votes, and Duncan Garcia following with 93 votes.

There were no candidates running for the position of vice president, which meant candidates could be elected through write-in.

Duncan Garcia led with 13 votes, but declined the position and Hansen was elected as the new vice president with eight votes.

Romero-Vasquez was a good vice president, always making sure everyone was connected and working together well, Lockerby said.

Lockerby wants to continue Rodriguez’s work in connecting the students and the college.

“My hopes are to basically serve the students by listening to the students’ concerns and bringing those concerns to the right people and make sure they’re being addressed,” Lockerby said.

“Jairo has done a really great job as president, to make sure ASG has taken CCC in the right direction,” Lockerby said.

Lockerby and Hansen’s first year leading ASG will begin the first day of summer term.


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Jeanette Wright