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Scholarship applications will be accepted until April 14. Photo courtesy of Sarah Dier.

The Clackamas Community College Foundation has officially begun accepting new scholarship applications. The Foundation is one of many to offer scholarships, alongside the Pell Grant and the Oregon Promise, but the Foundation provides Clackamas students more than $500,000 in scholarships for the 2022-23 school year.  

“My goal and the foundation’s goal is to give up to a million dollars by 2025,” said Sara Dier, director of the Foundation. 

Applications will be accepted until April 14. 

If you miss the deadline, there will be another chance to submit applications from Aug. 1  through Oct. 1. Rewards will either be received in May for the first round, or by December for the second round. 

The Foundation funds many other projects on campus including childcare, low cost textbooks and transportation aid. 

Dier said, “We really want students to be able to approach these avenues of aid, in order for them to just make life a little bit easier for their educational opportunities and success.“ 

Associated Student Government  grant applications can found here at, Clackamas Community College | Associated Student Government Grants.

Scholarship applicants can find assistance to fill out the application, on campus at both the Writing Center and the Financial Aid Resource Lab. 

The scholarship has three specific requirements: Applicants must be out of high school come Sept. 1, 2022, enrolled in at least six credits a term at CCC and, meet one of the following: have at least a current 2.0 GPA, have a GED or a high school diploma or be working to attain one or have been educated in another country and have completed the classes needed for a secondary education diploma in the home  country.

 Students who have met these requirements have received an average of $2,100 a year from the Foundation; more than one in three students receive funds from the Foundation scholarships. 

“We have hundreds of scholarships, and they are geared towards different types of students,” said Sally Noble, a Scholarships Awards Coordinator for the Foundation. Some of these scholarships  include the Citizens Banks Scholarship, the Ruth Marguerite Allen Memorial Endowed – President’s Scholarship for Excellence and the Priscilla L. Buckley Memorial Endowed Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Students fresh out of high school enrolling in their first year of college are one of the largest groups who receive funds. Many other groups have been determined by the various donors who have taken part in funding the CCC Foundation over the past 53 years, including, health sciences, performing arts, manufacturing, computer sciences and other careers.  The application can be found online at Clackamas Community College | Scholarships.

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