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2K is a fictional NBA game where you are able to play as any current team, legend teams or classic teams. You are also able to be the general manager of any current team, or create your own player and start your own NBA career. With the NBA playoffs coming up, 2k20 is the game to play if you want to preview potential matchups.

The latest edition to come out is 2K20. It’s the first version to have WNBA teams on it as well as NBA teams. It has the best graphics, and overall the best quality of any 2K so far.

NBA 2k’s first game came out in 1999, when Allen Iverson was the cover athlete. From 1999-2004, 2K was published by Sega, until 2K Sports took over in 2005. The first four seasons of 2K were with fictional announcers, as the series did not have the rights to announcing crews. The series got the rights to announcing crews in 2K3.

The game evolves every year, and more and more people buy it every year. 2K19 sold more than 12 million copies and 2K20 is on pace to beat that number after posting the best selling month in the US in sports game history. The game it beat was 2k19.

If you are a basketball player, 2K is the game to have. Robert Ford, men’s basketball player at Clackamas, said via Instagram, “I like 2K because it’s always something different, and it gets more realistic by the year.”

Ford’s favorite editions are 2K10 and 2K19. The major difference with 2K19 from previous editions was with MyCareer. In previous editions you would start in college and go straight to the league. In 2K19 you have other paths to go.

2K10 was the first edition that had MyCareer mode, where you are able to start your own career, and also features Laker’s legend Kobe Bryant on the cover. 2K10 was also a favorite of Kwan Carter.

Carter, another men’s basketball player, said over Instagram, “My favorite was 2K10. It was my first one I ever bought. I only got it because the commercial had Kobe going crazy on everybody and ended it with the reverse put back.”

A lot of basketball players jump on 2K just to be able to play with their favorite player, or they purchase the game if their favorite player is on the cover.

Men’s basketball player Ruben Onishchenko likes 2K9 because, “It was my first 2K and also because Brandon Roy was unstoppable on it.”

2K has evolved a lot over the years, and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are both set to come out at the end of this year, and 2K might be the springboard game for them. Cross play has also become very popular recently, with Fortnite being one of the most popular games for people to play with other people on separate consoles. If 2K adapts this to 2K21, gamers everywhere would be ecstatic.

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