Clackamas student releases podcast

The Johnny Cantaloupe Podcast logo provided by Jacob D. Thompson

 A mock podcast created by the Thompson Brothers will be released Oct. 30. The show stars Clackamas Community College student Jacob D. Thompson (JT) as the unstable Mr. Cantaloupe who brings guests onto the podcast and picks fights with them, alongside his brother Isaac Thompson as the lovable sidekick Bobby.

After his radio show goes under, Mr. Cantaloupe interviews various types of characters, whom he can’t comprehend. He finds his fuse getting smaller and smaller every interview he constructs. For Digital Media Communications students and lovers of entertainment, you won’t wanna miss it. Keep your eye out this Halloween for their new series on their YouTube Channel: Jacob Thompson, The Johnny Cantaloupe Podcast.

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Jenna Greenwood

Jenna Greenwood is a Digital Media Communications student at Clackamas Community College. She is studying Animation Motion Graphics and Graphic Design. She also works as an illustrator and online store owner.