College Cancels Shuttle

Shuttle Bus had been suspended due to the lack of use by students.

CCC has discontinued their shuttle bus. 

“The county has a lot more experience in operating a transit system and making shuttle routes.” said John Ginsburg, director of Student Life, a resource which helps students plan their learning development located in the Wacheno Welcome Center.

“What we’re seeing coming in January, it’s actually going to be better than what was there before,” Ginsburg said, “CCC has limited staff and the county has more experience in operating transit routes.” 

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The college will provide students with a Hop card for a month which covers Trimet passes. Photos by Dean Bechard


That’s good news for students who lost access to the provided shuttle bus which ceased operations on September 1st of this year.

The school didn’t want to put more funding into a transportation system that only appeals to a small percentage of students.

According to Ginsburg, students have four possible modes of transportation available:  

The local Trimet system:

The college will provide students with a Hop card for a month which covers Trimet passes. If students successfully applied for TriMets Reduced Fare Program, the school will send a personalized card. 

TriMets Reduced Fare Program offers seniors, youth, people with disabilities and people who qualify based on income a personalized card for free rides through Clackamas and Oregon City.

Oregon City’s shuttle bus:

Provides another option for students who don’t qualify for TriMets Reduced Fare Program.

Get There Oregon:

An online Carpooling program provided by Oregon Department of Transportation that helps employers and commuters shift their school and work practices all in one trip. 

South Clackamas Transportation District:

SCTD will be using the same route that the CCC Shuttle Bus used to take and are organizing a new transportation system starting in January.


Contact Box:

Trimet: / 503-238-7433.

John Ginsburg: / 503-594-3030

Get There Oregon: / 971-202-9758

ODOT: 1-888-275-6368

SCTD: / 503-829-7000

Dean Bechard