Construction causes parking chaos

By Liam Anderson

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With the Barlow parking lot nearing completion, parking at Clackamas Community College is looking to be less of an issue.

Isabel Al-Abed, project engineer and the contractor of the Barlow parking lot project, said the lot will be finalized by the End of October with “trees, light poles, plants, signs and trenches.”

The lot will provide 609 parking spaces available to students, with 144 of those spaces being available and usable right now. Although those spots were supposed to be available during the first week, the campus was unable to deliver because paving and striping wasn’t finished until the second week of school.

According to one CCC student, Deeann Schaal, parking is difficult to find.

“It’s pretty hard, especially this first week,” Schaal said.

Bob Cochran, dean of campus services, mentioned that the college staff was monitoring Barlow and noticed that there were 100 spaces in the lot that weren’t being used.

Now that students have 144 new parking spaces available to them, with 465 more on the way, students should now shift their focus into avoiding any parking violations so they will not be fined by campus safety.

With this new lot, Peter Kandratieff, interim manager of campus safety, said, “We hope people will follow the general
guidelines of parking. Within the lines, not double parking. Not blocking drive lanes.”

The first time you are caught carrying out a parking violation, campus safety will leave you with a warning. However, if you are caught again doing the same violation, a campus safety officer will write you a citation which can range between $15-$100. During the first week of school, they issued 41 warnings.

Of those, 31 were for parking on the grass, two for double parking and 8 for blocking. There have been no citations as of yet.

Campus safety will be operating in the new Barlow parking lot, so it is within student’s best interests that they get to know the Barlow lot as soon as they can.

Kandratieff wants students to know that if they have any parking troubles, that campus safety is here to help in any way they can.

“We’re here as a resource for the students and we want to be engaging with the students about parking issues,” said Kandratieff. “If they have any, let us know.”

If you have any parking issues or you are unaware of where to park, contact campus safety at 503-594-6650.


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