Cougar Talk Podcast: Juan Cortez shares insight on CCC counseling services

Clackamas Community College counselor Juan Cortes wants to remove the stigma of asking for help.

In this week’s episode, host Ethan M. Rogers talks with Cortes about the free counseling services available through the counseling center. 

Career counseling, mental health and personal counseling, referrals for long term therapy – these are just some of the issues the counseling center helps students navigate.

One-on-one counseling is available in person at the Wacheno Center or online 

“That’s what we do at the counseling center, just help people understand the problem that brought them in,” Cortes said, “maybe gain some new perspective, maybe gain some new skills, and learn to cope with the problem so we can send them off into the world to be more successful.”

You can find information about counseling options at, and learn more about the center on the Cougar Talk Podcast:

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Ethan M. Rogers