COVID-19 update: Two more cases on campus since start of winter term

Clackamas Community College has reported two COVID-19 cases since the start of winter term. Photo by Jonathan Villagomez

Two more COVID-19 cases have been reported on campus since the start of the winter term.  A Clackamas Community College student and a staff member tested positive for COVID-19. The College reported that a CCC employee tested positive on Jan. 5, according to an all-staff email, “The employee was last on the Oregon City campus in the Family Resource Center on Jan. 2.” 

In a separate incident, a student tested positive on Tuesday, Jan. 26; the college said that the student had last been at the Harmony Community Campus in Milwaukie, in Harmony East, on Jan. 21. The student said to have been in the main lobby, stairwell, and the second floor. Following their positive results, the student and employee have undergone self-isolation protocols.

CCC’s protocol is supporting both the student and the employee, ensuring they have any and all necessary resources. Anyone who may have been in contact with the student or employee has been contacted, according to the college. Those contacted have been asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Following the incidents, Campus Services temporarily closed Harmony East as well as the portion of the Family Resource Center accessed by the employee, to be deeply cleaned and disinfected. 

Tom Sonoff, Director of College Safety, wrote in an email that as of Feb. 8, there have been 10 incidents in which students or staff have tested positive for the virus within 48 hours of being on campus. There have been 74 total incidents of students or staff testing positive but those individuals were not on campus to warrant an all-staff message.

CCC is urging all members of the community to continue adhering to basic health and cleaning habits to best prevent the further spread of illness. For anyone that wants to receive information and updates relevant to every member of the community, you can visit the Return to Campus webpage

The College Staff asks that any college community member who has tested positive for COVID-19, has been exposed to someone testing positive, is made aware of any individual accessing any CCC campus or activity and testing positive for COVID-19, or known to have been exposed shall immediately contact their instructor(s), a supervisor or College Safety (503-594- 6650).

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Joseph Lohmolder

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