Issue 14 Cross Word

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4.  Who is Kanye’s number one enemy?

9.  What is the name of Kanye’s clothing line?

11.  Where was Haggart’s original telescope sold?

12.  Who does Kanye love?

13.  Who created the observatory on page four?

14.  Who is the personal finance instructor for the Winterhawks?

15. Which type of bow “is like dancing with a blind woman?”

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1. Who is the Winterhawk’s team captain?

2.  Who currently runs the telescope?

3.  In 2004 Kanye released his first album ________.

5.  How long ago did the Winterhawk’s begin working with CCC?

6.  Where did the Clackamas Print go for the mid-winter A.C.P. conference?

7.  Where is the closest indoor archery range to CCC?

8. What type of bow is easiest to use?

10. When the telescope was in transit, what was broken?

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Across →

4. Ego

9. Yeezy

11. Oregon Museum

12. Knaye

13. Harold Haggart

14. Lorrain Nemaslyk

15. Recurve

Down ↓

1. Dominic Turgeon

2. Rose City Astronomers

3. College Dropout

5. Four Years

6. Los Angeles

7. Milwaukie

8. Compound

10. Oregon Museum of Science

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