Fall 2019 student guide. Photo by Jonathan Villagomez.

Story by Zachary Whitley

Whether it’s your first term at Clackamas Community College, or you’re many years in, it’s important to know about the many on-campus resources available to you.

The Basics: If you’ve never set foot on campus before, you’re gonna want to familiarize yourself with these online and on-campus resources.

To access most student information, myClackamas is where you’re going to want to go. You can reach this by going to the CCC website, and clicking on the myClackamas link. Additionally, you can find the link to your student email and the link to Moodle.

To see your classwork, grades, quizzes, and more, Moodle is your destination. In most classes, you’re going to be using Moodle a large portion of the time. Moodle can be accessed at online.clackamas.edu If you need help accessing the shell, or are unsure how it functions, CCC has an available phone number at 503-594-6310 or you can access more help through the original website link.

To access free databases, journals, books, and more, CCC’s library website has a separate link to find this information. Simply go to http://libguides.clackamas.edu/home and a plethora of information will be at your fingertips; if you’re a new student, be especially sure to check out the CCC library located in the Dye Learning Center.

To schedule online appointments for tutoring, use https://clackamas.mywconline.com. Tutoring in the areas of writing, math, and accounting are readily available for online scheduling, as well as in person — more subject areas are available in the Dye Learning Center.

What about on-campus resources?

To begin, one of the most important resources on campus is College Safety. College Safety can be reached at 503-594-6650, or McLoughlin Hall Room 114. In case of emergency, however, contact 911 before reaching out to Campus Safety 911.  That said, if you need to report a crime or would like an escort to your car, contact them. If a disability is hindering your progress in school, head over to the Disability Resource Center and speak to the Disability Resource Coordinator to determine any accommodations you may need. They can be found in the Community Center, or at 503-594-6357.

So, what’s new?

Starting this term, students can look forward to on-campus food trucks and fresh food vending machines. Additionally, in another portion of campus life, DeJardin Hall’s state-of-the-art science expansion is now complete.

Are textbooks too expensive?

If you’ve been over to the bookstore and found the prices a little too steep, consider the on-campus rental program through Associated Student Government, the CCC library, and even Amazon. Additionally, if you find a better price online for a textbook you’d like to buy, the CCC bookstore will price match it. You can find more information at https://clackamasbncollege.com.

Do you need a fancy calculator for your math class?

If you head over to ASG’s office in the Community Center, they offer a graphing calculator rental program alongside their textbook rentals too. You’ll need $20 and a valid student ID to rent a calculator, and then you’ll be set for the term.

In a pinch and need some food or clothing?

The Cougar Cave is a free pantry located in the Community Center offering food, clothing, school supplies and toiletries to anybody in need. In addition, the Cougar Cave offers outfits suitable for job interviews. If you don’t need anything but are interested in helping the operation, donations are accepted. Visit the ASG office for more information.

Unsure which classes to register for?

Consult the self-service tab of myClackamas to determine what types of classes you need to take for your degree. In terms of degree-specific requirements, there are a ton of great options here, as well as a wealth of information about different degree and certification programs. First and foremost, the Clackamas Print is always looking for new members on staff to write, design and take photos. If you stay on longer than a term, you can even take a shot at an editor position, where you can have full-time tuition credits as part of the job.


If you’re driving to school, you can rest easy knowing that there’s no additional charge for parking. If you commute to school, there are multiple options to make things easier as you further your education. For example, did you know the school offers a discounted three month TriMet pass? If you purchase it with Enrollment Services, you’ll save $100. On that same token, if you’re commuting between campuses, CCC provides a free shuttle Monday through Friday that shuttles passengers between the Oregon City campus, Harmony campus and the Clackamas Town Center MAX Station — you don’t even have to be a student to utilize the shuttle.

The stops and pickup times are very frequent, as the CCC shuttle runs 7 a.m.  to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with the exception of running only in the morning on Fridays.

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