College offers a plethora of art classes to take next term

By Marjorie Guttery

A common misconception about art classes is that they are easy and don’t take much effort. In reality, art classes can be challenging, but extremely rewarding. Taking an art class can build a positive outlook towards one’s own creative output.

Clackamas Community College has a wide variety of art classes that will be offered spring term.

Charles Siegfried will be teaching Color Theory and Art Appreciation, ART 103 and 116. Siegfried’s students will be working with color in the spring and will also be learning relief printmaking, painting and mixing colors to create a transparency illusion.

“A very important component of my class is the opportunity for my students to have a creative license to push the story of subject matter of their artwork,” said Siegfried.

The artwork from Siegfried’s students will be displayed on the wall in the Art Center throughout the term for anyone to stop by and enjoy.

Drawing for comics is a class taught by David Andersen and it’s only available during the spring. It’s a popular class that fills quickly, has guest comic book artists and focuses on mostly figure drawing and the human form.

Andersen will also be the instructor for Gallery Design and Management, Art 197. In this class, students learn how to run a gallery, install art, promote and strike, or take apart the set to a show. The students will take everything they learned and use those skills to run the art show in May.

The student run art show will display students’ artwork at the Alexander Gallery May 16 until June 8. Anyone who wishes to submit a piece for the show can do so on April 26-28 from noon to 2 p.m. Submissions cost $2 each and must be from the last year, including spring term of 2016.

The awards reception will be held May 16 from noon to 1:30 p.m. Outside, judges will attend and decide who the winners are. Prizes include scholarships and grants.

“Sometimes people take art classes thinking they will be low-key, easy, laid back [but] they are not restful,” said Andersen. “We draw and paint and work and talk and laugh. Working on art and working on skills and discipline. Ultimately fulfilling.”

Thomas Wasson, digital media arts instructor, is excited for spring term because he is including new technologies into his animation and motion graphics courses, DMC 107 and 108, such as a motion capture system and an oculus rift.

“I’m pretty excited to see what the students come up with, and expect they will get a lot from their 3D characters and develop some fascinating environments as well as devising new ways to tell stories and allow others to experience them as well,” said Wasson. “Pretty fun stuff!”

Spring term is Wasson’s favorite term because he usually gets great work from students and there is plenty of energy.

April 3 will be the last day students can sign up for classes for spring term without an instructor’s signature.

unko Iijima (left) helps student Connie Hanthaley in jewelry making class.

Marjorie Guttery