Horticulture brings tea to the trees

Jim Wentworth-Plato pours tea for students at the Horticulture Department’s “Teas in the Trees,” event on Oct. 8 Photo by Gabriella Vigil

By Clackamas Print Staff

Lead arboriculture instructor Jim Wentworth-Plato and administrative assistant Loretta Mills brought tea to the trees in the courtyard outside of the Pauling Center on Wednesday. 

Students and staff stopped by their outdoor table to drink tea and talk about trees.

“Trees are really beneficial to us as humans,” said Wentworth-Plato, who teaches arboriculture, the cultivation of trees in an urban setting. “It lowers your pulse, helps you breathe deeper and puts you in a better mood.”

Teas in the Trees event was started several years ago by the Horticulture Department to engage with people on campus. 

Last year the event was held outside the Art Center.

“The sculpture garden has some great mature trees,” said Mills. “It’s a beautiful place.”

Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong tea was served as a way of “luring” people in, Wentworth-Plato said. “We’re tricking you to enjoy yourself and the trees.”

It worked for Mills.

“We’re just happy to be here on a beautiful, glorious day,” she said. “It’s nice to be able to enjoy being outside and everybody should have an excuse to be outside.”

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