Jordan Taylor, a new marketing specialist, tells his journey to CCC

Jordan Taylor

Story by Sophie Larsson

Jordan Taylor is the new lead marketing specialist for the college. A community college alum, Taylor has a love for education which makes him a great addition to the marketing department and the community.

TCP: What do you do as a lead marketing specialist?

Taylor: It’s not only trying to build an awareness about the college and the college’s services and what it does for the community, but also at that same time convincing people that this is something that can enrich their lives and trying to entice them to enroll now and get a lot out of the those services and from the academic education they can get here.

TCP: What’s it like working at CCC?

Taylor: I love the people in this department and met a lot of great people across the campus, and I still have a lot to learn in terms of who the students are, what the community’s like and all the different things that are available to students here.

TCP: What do you want to accomplish while working here at Clackamas?

Taylor: There is an essay by Liz Addison called two years are better than four. And she essentially says that community colleges are one of America’s hidden public service gems. I just love it, I love learning, and I just love what colleges are and what they do. It’s more than preparing people intellectually, but also preparing people for life and if I can even just inspire and help get more people involved in that and furthering themselves with their education.

TCP: Where did you grow up?

Taylor: I’ve lived in eight different states. I spent most of my time living in different parts of California and in southern Florida.

TCP: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Taylor: I love to hike, read and when I can I love to travel.

TCP: What’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to so far?

Taylor: I would say it’s kind of a close between going to Egypt and going to Turkey. Istanbul, for example, it’s an amazing city I’d love to go back again and just the church is one of the craziest pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen. It’s just inspiring.

TCP: Where did you go to college?

Taylor: I started at Bakersfield Community College and transferred very soon after to the City College of San Francisco, where I got my associates degree. And then I transferred to San Francisco State. After that, I was studying biology at that point, then about a year into that I switched gears and started studying English and history. I felt like writing, reading and teaching research was just more important or at least was something I enjoyed more than studying biology. I still love biology, but definitely made that switch. Then after I got my bachelor’s, maybe like a year later, I went and got my master’s from Mills College.

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