Journalism competition recognizes college newspapers

Once a year, college newspapers from all over Oregon gather to compete in the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association’s Collegiate Newspaper Contest. Submitting stories on a variety of topics, including best section, best writing and best photography.

The competitors, including major universities such as Portland State University, and community colleges, such as Clackamas Community College, are split into three separate groups depending on the size of the college. For some categories, groups are combined due to the quantity or quality of the entries.

Entries were taken several months in advance, but the award ceremony was held on May 18, giving the colleges an opportunity to be present when the organization announced the winners and receive their awards in person.

Group one, consisting of the large universities, was dominated by PSU’s Vanguard, winning 42 awards in total, including first, second and third for best section, first and second for best headline writing, and first for best series.

There was more competition between the publications included in group two though it wasn’t uncommon for group’s two and three to be combined. Overall, though, the University of Portland’s Beacon won out by a small margin with 11 awards in total.

Mt. Hood Community College’s Advocate won out for group three, bringing home 20 awards, including first place for best section, best special section and best series.

The Clackamas Print brought home three first place awards: Best Headline Writing for Doug Fry’s “Whatever floats your pumpkin,” best writing for Ian Van Orden’s “Should history guide our understanding of gun control” and Best News Story for Kristin Wolers’ and Elizabeth Kessel’s “College instructor investigated for falsifying student records.” Several second and third place awards were also given to the Print.

Members of the Clackamas Print hold awards won by the Clackamas Print at the ONPA Collegiate Newspaper Contest. Photo by Jonathan Villagomez.

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