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Dear readers,

Last week, The Clackamas Print published a brief that was written by me regarding the Clackamas Community College Call Center coming to a close wherein I stated that “With the end of the call center comes an end to a means to cover students’ tuition.”

This is false and the Print greatly regrets the unethical publication of this information and lack of in-depth journalism to find the truth.

“The current peer assistants (and the work-study employee) from the Call Center have been reassigned to other departments so that they will not lose their tuition waivers or their hourly pay,” Director of Student Leadership and Engagement John Ginsburg stated in an e-mail. “I run the peer assistant program, which staffed most of the students working in the Call Center. As we do every year, we will evaluate where peer assistants are placed around campus, and it is likely that some departments will get additional peer assistants, or some departments who have not had peer assistants (such as Financial Aid) will get assigned some, or both.”

The Print appreciates the swift response from Ginsburg and Chris Sweet in informing the Print of its mistake, and we apologize.

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Autumn Berend

Autumn Berend is the Editor-in-Chief for The Clackamas Print. Her focus is primarily news reports and briefs. She is the author of the inactive column "The Paradoxical" and author of the on-going column "The Angry Tranny".