On Oct. 21, the Clackamas Community College wrestling team had its intersquad Scarlet vs Navy
exhibition meet. Scarlet defeated Navy 21-20. The meet was covered by CCC’s photojournalism

Meet Results

125- Dorian Sapien (N) defeated Aaron Drake (S) 8-3

125- DeVaughn Sapien defeated Jordan Kannys (N) 10-4

133- Blake McNall (S) defeated Isaiah Harris (S) 9-6

141- Zech Bresser (S) defeated Tyler Wicken (N) Fall

149- Angel Beltran (S) defeated Chris Garcia (N) 10-8

157- Brandon Davidson (S) defeated Joshua Beckler (N) 8-4

165- Tommy Brewster (N) defeated John Leal (S) 4-2

174- Colt Doyle (N) defeated Brendan Harkey (S) 18-1

184- Julio Fuentes (N) defeated Haszell West (S) 8-6

197- John Morin (N) defeated Alvaro Venegas (S) Fall

285- Joey Alvarez (S) defeated Victor Ceja (N) 2-0

Exhibition: Victor Almaguer defeated Blake McNall 8-4

-Katie Archer

Photos by Katie Archer, Taras Kovch, and Jacob Hecker




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