Netflix Nine: What to watch on Netflix over winter break

By Kristen Wohlers

Netflix Nine 9. Gilmore Girls 8. Like Sunday, Like Rain 7. Broadchurch 6. The Lion in Your Living Room 5. You're Not You 4. Damages 3. Human Planet 2. Stranger Things 1. Parenthood
8. ‘Like Sunday, Like Rain’ Netflix has a niche with their legitimate television series, but it can sometimes be hard to find a good movie when you’re in the mood. Since we’re from the Portland, OR area, it’s probably no surprise that we like independent films more than the mainstream ones. This indie, shot in 20 days according to the New York Daily News, is especially special since it avoids the typical love story and explores an unlikely friendship instead. Leighton Meester is the almost Julliard student Eleanor, who scams her way into a nanny job in which she must care for genius cellist Reggie. You’ll feel all the things when you experience the music that follows in this film. (photo: Wikipedia)


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