Oregon City has introduced a brand new food cart pod and tap house, Corner 14, located at 508 14th street. This will be the new spot if you are looking for family outings, casual dates or just some fantastic food. 

Corner 14 offers 10 different food carts ranging from pizza to cajun, from vegan choices to authentic mexican food. I visited Corner 14 last week and it surpassed my expectations. The environment is lively and inviting. Corner 14 doesn’t just stop at food: there is also celtic axe throwing, fire pits and a full bar.

Each table is equipped with their own personal fire pits and a QR code made for easy ordering from your table to the bar. I had ordered a moscow mule using the mobile ordering from the QR code, paid through my phone and received my drink in less than 5 minutes.

In a recent interview with Cherisse Reilly, the co-owner of Corner 14. She brought up that in the future when the weather improves, Corner 14 would be interested in hosting live music and possibly some other community oriented activities. “The inspiration came from visiting my sister over in Bend.” Reilly also mentioned. “There are a lot of food carts very similar to this. We had such a great time when we were over there and when we came home, we said ‘you know, why can’t we have something similar in our hometown?’ That’s where the inspiration came from.”

The food carts residing there have also expressed great gratitude towards Corner 14. In an interview with one of the food carts, The Freckled Peach, who serves sweet and savory waffles had said “I saw that Corner 14 was being built and quickly got in touch with the owners to secure a spot. I never knew how amazing it would be for my little cart. Business here has been more than great, and I knew going in it would attract a lot more customers. The community of carts, too, has been amazing, I love the relationships I’m building with other truck owners. This whole experience has allowed me to think about the future and the exciting and bigger goals I hope to achieve as a business owner.”

Adelina’s PDX, a Mexican food truck, raved about how Corner 14 is less like a job and more like a family. They wrote in a statement “From our perspective, what makes Corner 14 so special is the overwhelming sense of ‘community not competition’ here. We feel so honored to have been graciously welcomed into this Oregon City family. It also doubles as a melting pot of so many diverse cultural foods in one spot. It’s a truly unmatched spot where diversity and community comes together for families and friends to enjoy. Our experience has been nothing short of amazing. Any expectations we had for this pod far exceeded beyond our imaginations. This includes our fellow food truck neighbors and the amazing staff at Corner 14. And the customers? Wow. They are truly what makes this place so incredible.”

Corner 14 celebrated its official grand opening on Saturday, March 6. They are open Monday-Thursday 11-9, Friday 11-10, Saturday 9-10, and Sunday 9-7.

Safety is one of Corner 14’s top priorities and they encourage social distancing and require mask wearing when not seated.

Now, go on and try your new favorite food cart pod!

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Lizzy Marine

Lizzy Marine is from Canby, Oregon. She is the Arts & Culture editor for The Clackamas Print and has been on the paper since 2020. After graduating from Clackamas Community College, she plans to earn a degree in Communications. Lizzy enjoys painting, watercolor, concerts and theater.


  1. Ginny Ciminski on March 15, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    Can’t wait to try every one of these food carts! I keep forgetting about them. Love this idea! Whoever thought of putting food carts and fire pits to keep warm. Pure Genius!

  2. Angelica on March 15, 2021 at 1:28 pm

    Wonderful article! Shared on Facebook so others can know more about the fantastic new food cart pods! Great article, Lizzy!

  3. Art on March 16, 2021 at 11:27 am

    Lizzy, great article about a unique and fun place to eat and socialize. This place has all the boxes checked;
    1. Easy Social Distancing
    2. Comfortable Outside Dining
    3. Great variety of food
    4. Fun activities

    I would highly recommend a visit!

  4. Drew on March 16, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    What an awesome article!! My mom and sister have been going here often, sounds like I have to join them soon! Maybe when finals are over 🤪

  5. Butch on March 16, 2021 at 3:18 pm

    First experience there was on a Friday evening, WOW, was it busy. Good busy though. Lots of friendly patrons. I had the catfish. May I say, it was perfect. Next time, the gator. Yep, alligator. Gots to try it.
    We took a couple of seats outside the ax throwing cage. Needless to say, that was entertaining.
    All in all, a great experience, and will experience it again, and again, and,,well you get the picture.